we went to National Botanical Garden where we stayed for most of the day. We went because it was a Halloween event which I thought will be fun to try. And I wasn’t wrong at all.

My attempt to conquer Sugarloaf

Hi lovelies, What have you been up to? Didn’t had the power to do too much this past week. I finished a TV series on Netflix, Cable Girls. I found it to be very feminist movie, so if you are into this type of movies, give it a try! Watch it in Spanish with English…

St Anne’s Park

Hi lovelies, How have you been? Have you smiled today? Today’s story is about my visit to St Anne’s Park, in Clontarf, Dublin. Never visited it, although I used to work close by for almost a year. Whenever I was passing by I was telling myself that will check it out next time. Well, “next…

What is going to be?

Hello lovelies, I am intrerupting the usual adventure stories so I can give you the big news. Hint Hint, it is related to the pregnancy journey. So a little bit of background: I didn’t want to find out the gender of our little one until he/she will decide to say “Hi!” to the world. But…

The best news of 2019

There were probably better ways of explaining why I was silent for so many months again. People that are following me on Instagram and Facbook already found out the news, and now that I have time to sit down and write few words, it’s time for this small comunity to find out also.