New York, New York

Hi lovelies, A post that should have probably come in August last year, but because my laptop is too slow when it comes to downloading the pictures from the GoPro, I gave up and never posted anything about our trip to New York. This was our first visit in the US, and it happened on…

Pumpkin Land

But now all is good, got plenty of rest, and yesterday we went out to pick up some pumpkins directly from the field. Alright Pumpkin is the name of the farm and it is opened each weekend probably up to Halloween.

St Anne’s Park

Hi lovelies, How have you been? Have you smiled today? Today’s story is about my visit to St Anne’s Park, in Clontarf, Dublin. Never visited it, although I used to work close by for almost a year. Whenever I was passing by I was telling myself that will check it out next time. Well, “next…

What is going to be?

Hello lovelies, I am intrerupting the usual adventure stories so I can give you the big news. Hint Hint, it is related to the pregnancy journey. So a little bit of background: I didn’t want to find out the gender of our little one until he/she will decide to say “Hi!” to the world. But…

The country of Schnitzel

Vienna is known as “City of music” because of the musical legacy, and “City of Dreams” because of Sigmund Freud – world’s first psychoanalyst.

A weekend in Eindhoven

Although it was short and rainy, we did enjoy the city. Eindhoven is for sure on our “coming back to you” list.

A short stop in Frankfurt

On our way home, to Romania, we stopped in Frankfurt for few hours. We left the luggage at the airport, and off we went to explore the city. There is a short ride by train from the airport to city center, approx 30 minutes.

Ireland’s Eye Island

Actually this post was meant to be about whale watching, but we were late, so we missed the tour. Because we got already in Howth we decided to stop for something to eat.

That time when we went in Berlin

Let me just tell you a brief story about our trip (mine and my fiancĂ©’s) to Berlin. Everything started in December last year, when I thought that it will be a nice Birthday surprise for Alex to go in Berlin in June.

When in Lisbon you go in Spain

Welcome back to my travel adventures. This time I went to Lisbon and the South of Spain (to be more exact: Seville, Gibraltar and Granada).

4 Girls in Amsterdam city

On Tuesday I have been in Amsterdam for a couple of hours. Flight in really in the morning, and flight out in the evening. Amazing experience!