About me

fb08f-img_5035Let me think.. what can I tell you about myself.. I am a complicated person who believes in unicorns. Most of the times you will see me with a smile on my face, otherwise just stay away.
I love to travel around the world, to meet new people, to inspire and to be inspired, to listen to my Spotify playlists and last but not least to take pictures. Now.. don’t you dare think that I am a pro in using the camera, as I still need to improve.
Most of the days I have the camera with me, because I do not want to miss anything:). I have an Instagram account where I am posting a new picture almost every day. If you click on “Instagram”, just in the toolbar above the post, will direct you to my memories:), or click here. Click on the heart if you want to or follow me if you like what you see.
My favorite quote at the moment is “We are all good people when somebody is giving us a chance to be.” So, please be nice with the people around you.:)
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