Magnolia Walk

Hello lovelies, Hurray.. I can finally go more than 5km away from my home. I am so excited, and you just wait and see the beautiful content that will be on this site. Since we became parents and the pandemic started we had to adjust and find places close to home that we can explore….

The colors in Dublin

Hi lovely, How are you feeling today? I am feeling so excited that I have time to sit down and write this post. I started to have a short walk around the office during my lunch break, which made such a difference in how I handle the lockdown. To be honest I felt that I…

Brittas Bay beach then and now

Hi lovelies, Now that I am holding Luca in my arms and he is not dancing inside my belly anymore, I am returning to my online friends. I had a post that was meant to go up in November, but I never had time to finish it. So this post will have 2 stories, one…


we went to National Botanical Garden where we stayed for most of the day. We went because it was a Halloween event which I thought will be fun to try. And I wasn’t wrong at all.

Pumpkin Land

But now all is good, got plenty of rest, and yesterday we went out to pick up some pumpkins directly from the field. Alright Pumpkin is the name of the farm and it is opened each weekend probably up to Halloween.

My attempt to conquer Sugarloaf

Hi lovelies, What have you been up to? Didn’t had the power to do too much this past week. I finished a TV series on Netflix, Cable Girls. I found it to be very feminist movie, so if you are into this type of movies, give it a try! Watch it in Spanish with English…

What I did on Friday 20th September

Hello lovelies, How are you feeling? I just lost a draft that I was working on for the last 20-30 minutes… It absolutely drives me crazy when this happens, and especially when I know that I saved it before. Anyway.. let’s start over: This Friday we had Culture Night in Dublin, Ireland. I couldn’t miss…

St Anne’s Park

Hi lovelies, How have you been? Have you smiled today? Today’s story is about my visit to St Anne’s Park, in Clontarf, Dublin. Never visited it, although I used to work close by for almost a year. Whenever I was passing by I was telling myself that will check it out next time. Well, “next…


Hello beautiful soul! We try as much as possible not to spend weekends at home, but explore new places. Our friends Cristina and Nasim invited us to go and explore the Connemara area with them. Although we were a bit hesitant in the begining (due to the weather alert!) I am glad that we went….

Skerries – a gorgeous coastal town in Ireland

Hello beautiful soul! I hope you had a good week. Today’s article is about my visit in the gorgeous coastal town of Skerries. It’s a short train ride from Dublin – you will need to take the train from Connolly station. Once arrived to your destination you should go and visit the Skerries Mills (5-10…

A perfect day on the cliffs

Howth is a beautiful village in the Howth Peninsula that can be found north of central Dublin. You can either take the train from Dublin Connolly, or Dublin Bus number 31/a from Talbot street towards Howth Summit. If you are taking the bus, I would suggest you stop in the village.