Magnolia Walk

Hello lovelies,

Hurray.. I can finally go more than 5km away from my home. I am so excited, and you just wait and see the beautiful content that will be on this site.

Since we became parents and the pandemic started we had to adjust and find places close to home that we can explore. I am not gonna lie, I got bored of seeing the same places every time, but spring came, so these places got a face-lifting. If you ever visit Dublin end of March up to the middle of April add Farmleigh House and Estate to your list. Access to the estate is free, and in case you want to visit the house there will be an admission charge; more details here. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 visits to the house are closed, but I am definitely planning to book a tour once it will re-open.

The House was originally a small Georgian house built in the late eighteenth century, bought by Edward Cecil Guinness in 1873 as a wedding present for Adelaide Guinness. From 1881 to 1884 the Irish architect James Franklin Fuller refurbished the house, added a third storey, and extended the house to the west. In 1896 the Scottish architect William Young added the Ballroom wing. In 1901 a Conservatory was built that is adjoining the Ballroom. Not only the house went through major building programme, but also the gardens, where broadleaves and exotics plants were planted.

Farmleigh was purchased by the Irish Government from The Guinness Family in 1999. The Office of Public Works refurbished the house, and now is used “as the premier accommodation for visiting dignitaries and guests of the nation, for high level Government meetings, and for public enjoyment.” (text taken from Farmleigh official website)

I don’t know how it was back in the days, but now this park is amazing. Especially in magnolia’s blooming season. I went there for the Easter weekend and the flowers were not fully bloomed, but I could still smell the magnolia scent. They say that mid of April is the peak season for magnolia trees. I will definitely go around that time to pick up some petals that are fallen on the ground. I want to put them between the pages of a book and let them dry and later on do some decorations with them.

If you are planning to go, don’t forget to get a blanket and some snacks. It’s the best spot for a picnic. You can stay under a magnolia tree, or you can go next to the lake to see and/or feed some ducks. Save some place for a delicious ice cream that you can buy from the Boathouse Restaurant. And when the pandemic is history maybe the market will be back. I kind of regret it that I didn’t know about this place before Covid, but there is a saying It’s never too late.

Which is your favorite snack when you organize a picnic?

Enjoy the pics, and until next time I am sending you virtual hugs and kisses.

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