TV series for lazy days – part 2

Hello lovelies,

How was your week? I put together a plan for all the posts in April and I will tell you only this, you will see more posts. This mama is trying to make lists in hopes that she will be more organized. If you have any ideas/requests about any particular theme let me know in the comments below, or DM me on Instagram @mariaroxanaphotography

I initially wanted to make only one post, but considering the amount of TV series that I am watching I just couldn’t help myself to only choose 10 titles. So, here we are again with another 15 titles that I would like to recommend.

As I said in my previous posts, titles are not arranged in any particular order. Most of them are available on Netflix, but just keep in mind that I am living in Ireland, so if you live in a different country some titles might not be available for you.

  1. Good Girls 2018 – 4 seasons (3 available on Netflix) Actually the 4th season aired already in America on NBC, and I believe that will probably be available on Netflix summer time or so. Two sisters and their best friend rob a local grocery store as they needed money to pay their bills. This might not sound too attractive, but don’t think that their adventure is that easy and without any struggles. Each episode will keep you want to know, how they will end up.
  2. Dead to Me 2019 – 2 seasons (all seasons available on Netflix) Jen lost her husband in a hit-and-run accident, and now she is trying to solve the crime. She meets Judy at the support group and although their personalities aren’t connecting they are becoming friends. As they are starting to bond over bottles of wines, Judy is trying to protect Jen from finding a secret that will turn her life upside down.
  3. Virgin River 2019 – 2 seasons (all seasons available on Netflix) It is based on a novel with the same name written by Robyn Carr. A nurse practitioner moves from LA to a small town in Northern California where she might find something or somebody to help her with her grieving process.
  4. Marcella 2016 – 3 seasons (2 seasons available on Netflix) Marcella Backland is a police detective working in London. While she is solving the crimes she is connecting with her past. You should really give it a try if you like crime TV Series. It will keep you connected on Netflix until you will see it all.
  5. Grace & Frankie 2015 – 6 season (all seasons available on Netflix) Grace and Frankie they’ve always been rivals, but their husbands who were supposedly best friends just told them that they want a divorce as they want to get married. Now, as they have something in common they are becoming best friends. It is a really good comedy, that I was actually thinking to re-watch.
  6. Iron Fist 2017 – 2 series (all seasons available on Netflix) You probably already know about it, as it is inspired from the comic character with the same name. It is made in collaboration with Marvel, and unfortunately it got cancelled, but the 2 seasons that are available are amazing. Danny comes back to try and save his family legacy.
  7. Tiny Pretty Things 2020 – 1 season (available on Netflix) I hope season 2 will be released soon. It is based on a novel with the same name written by Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton. An amazing ballerina attending a famous school goes into a coma after a fall from the rooftop of her school. Due to this, a spot becomes available for Neveah Stroyer. As she is from a different background as the rest of her colleagues, there will be a lot of drama. On top of this there might be some proof that places Cassie’s so called accident into a crime investigation.
  8. Ginny & Georgia 2021 – 1 season (available on Netflix) New beginnings can be bumpy sometimes, at least that’s what Georgia, Ginny and Austin will find out once they move to New England.
  9. The Durrells 2016 – 4 seasons (3 available on Netflix) Sadly this series is discontinued but there are 3 seasons for you to watch on Netflix, and hopefully the last one will be available soon. The Durrells move from England to Corfu, Greece. The action is based in 1930, so there is a bit of a language barrier at times. It is funny, you will see a bit of romance, The series are based on the three autobiographical books written by Gerald Durrell.
  10. Ratched 2020 – 1 season (available on Netflix) Mildred moves to Northern California where she will manage to get a job in a Lucia State Hospital, a psychiatric hospital that conducted experiments on human brain.
  11. Firefly Lane 2021 – 1 season (available on Netflix) I wish they will release season 2 because I loved it. The series goes around the ups and downs of two best friends from the moment that they met up to more recent times. Katherine Heigl is part of the cast, and mainly she is the main reason why I gave this series a try.
  12. Emily in Paris 2020 – 1 season (available on Netflix) A series that was probably watched by most of you already, but just wanted to include it in this list just in case there is at least one person that didn’t give it a try yet. Emily is moving to Paris to help a marketing firm with an American perspective. It is about fashion, social media and a young American woman trying to accommodate within the French culture. Loads of croissants and baguettes.
  13. Good Witch 2015 – 7 seasons (5 available on Netflix) Don’t panic!! I just found out that season 7 will be aired in May. I hope they will add season 6 before that :). It is a TV series that you can watch with your kids. It is a fantasy series but don’t worry, you will not see witches, potions, elves or any other type of magical creatures. I will let you discover what’s Cassie’s and Grace’s secret power is.
  14. The Vampire Diaries 2009 – 8 seasons (all available on Netflix) It is the first TV series that I’ve watched and it will always be in my recommendations list. Obviously, you got it from the title that is a series, with and about vampires. There is romance, drama, fantasy, mystery .. it is captivating. I re-watched it last year, and I would re-watch it anytime, that’s how much I loved it.
  15. The Originals 2013 – 5 seasons (all available on Netflix) It is a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries, but this time add werewolves and a power hungry thousands of years old originals vampire family. You can imagine what type of drama it will be. If you enjoyed The Vampire Diaries, give this one a try also.

Alright, list is completed now. Let me know which one you liked, and if you want me to do another one in the future, maybe closer to the end of the year.

I will write to you again on Wednesday, and this time around pictures from a beautiful locations will be included.

Until then kisses :*

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