TV series for lazy days – part 1

Hello lovelies,

Which movie or movies did you watch and like from my Top 11 movie titles list?

To keep the theme, I thought I’d do a list with the TV series that I watched and enjoyed lately. I say lately, because if it was to do a list with TV series that I liked would have been an extremely long one. I will divide the list into 2 separate posts because I have 30 titles, and I think it would be too much in one reading. So I will do 15 today and the rest of the list will go live next Wednesday.

The titles are not arranged in any particular order, so don’t think that the first title is my favorite, or the best from all the others. You can find all these titles on Netflix at the moment; but just keep in mind that I live in Ireland, so some titles might not be available in your country. If you click on the TV series title you will be redirected to the trailer, so you can see if it’s your piece of cake or not.

  1. Designated Survivor 2016 – 3 seasons (all available on Netflix). Tom Kirkmam, a lower-level cabinet member becomes the President of USA after a tragic attack that kills the president most of Cabinet, the Housing and Urban Development secretary.
  2. Shooter 2016 – 3 seasons (all available on Netflix). It is based on the novel Point of Impact by Stephen Hunter and by the movie with the same name released in 2007. the story of an ex-marine that find out about a plot to kill the president.
  3. You 2018 – 2 seasons (all available on Netflix). I will only tell you this, Penn Badgley, and all of you that watched Gossip Girl will understand.
  4. Locke & Key 2020 – 1 season (available on Netflix). After their dad’s death, 3 siblings are moving into a house where they find keys that unlock magical powers.
  5. The Punisher 2017 – 2 seasons (all available on Netflix). It’s following the story from a Marvel comic book with the same name. Frank Castle is a man that is not scared of death and is trying to revenge the death of his wife and daughter.
  6. Schitt’s Creek 2015 – 6 seasons (all available on Netflix). Who remembers the movie American Pie? If you do, then you will be happy to hear that Eugene Levy is part of this cast. A family looses all their money and assets, and all that they have left is a small town called Schitt’s Creek.
  7. Elite 2018 – 3 seasons (all available on Netflix). It is a Spanish TV series, that reminded me a bit of a soap opera that I was watching when I was in high school. Three working class-teens enroll in an exclusive private school in Spain. Their life will not be easy.
  8. Superstore 2015 – 6 seasons (5 available on Netflix). I gave this one a try and I was not disappointed at all. You need to watch more than 1 episode to actually understand what is going on. The action happens in a superstore and circles around it’s employees and customers. Those of you that are working in customer services might understand better the jokes.
  9. The Ranch 2016 – 8 seasons (all available on Netflix). I started watching this one because Ashton Kutcher is playing. Once his semi-pro football career ends in failure, Colt returns home planning to run the ranching together with his dad and brother. Most of the cast has been in “That 70s Show” so that’s definitely a plus!
  10. Cable Girls 2017 – 5 seasons (all available on Netflix). Another Spanish series. The action is set in the late 1920s in Madrid. It is about a group of woman that are working in a telephone company and the progress that they are making to gain more equality with men.
  11. Dynasty 2017 – 3 seasons (3 available on Netflix). It is based on the soap opera from 1980. You will see a bit of Natalie Kelley; if you watched The Vampire Diaries you will know who I am talking about. It is about a continuous war between two rich families, so a TV series full of drama and plotting.
  12. Queen of the South 2016 – 5 seasons (4 available on Netflix). It is based on the telenovela La Reina del Sur which is based on the novel written by Arturo Pérez-Reverte. Teresa Mendoza, a poor Mexican woman fights her way up and builds a drug empire.
  13. I-Zombie 2015 – 5 seasons (all available on Netflix). Liz, a medical resident goes to a boat party which change her life forever. The title explains the main idea of this series.
  14. Scandal 2012 – 7 seasons (available on Disney+). The location is Washington D.C. The show is around Olivia Pope’s crisis management firm, actually around her life. She is a former media consultant to the President of USA, so she has high connections which helps her in helping her clients.
  15. How to get away with murder 2014 – 6 seasons (all available on Netflix). Annalise Keating is a criminal defence lawyer and professor who helps a group of students to hide an aberrant crime.

Phew, that was a long list. I am curious who made it until the end. Let me know in the comments below which of these TV series you already watched.

If you couldn’t find anything that you like, don’t worry; another list is coming on Wednesday.

Until next time, enjoy your binge watching, smile and spread the love.


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