What happened during …

Hello lovely people,

How are you feeling? I missed writing articles here, I missed sharing my adventures with you. I am not sure if you know, but on 28th December 2019 Luca came into our life, and my hands were full for the first part of 2020. But then, this pandemic situation started and lockdown over lockdown came into place, and travelling wasn’t really a thing that we managed to do last year. I cannot believe that during 2020 we didn’t go anywhere (outside Ireland I mean). It’s so weird, considering that 2019 was so busy with trips to new places.

I didn’t want to transform this place into a mum blog, or a lifestyle blog.. I wanted to keep it a travel blog; hence why I didn’t post anything during this time. Currently in Ireland we are in Level 5 lockdown, and we cannot travel further then 5km from our home. They’ve extend it now until early April, therefore I’ve decided that there is no point in waiting. After long days of brainstorming, checking ideas, good parts and bad parts of the decision I said that is better to start posting lifestyle articles. I don’t know from where even to start, because it is something new to me, and considering that I don’t have too many options due to the lockdown and the pandemic situation it might be fail, or it might be a success. So please, bear with me while I make mistakes and learn while I am walking this path.

For those of you that followed me from the beginning and wanted more travel content, please don’t be too disappointed and please, please, be patient, because as soon as the 5km restriction will be waived you will be able to see more adventures.

I choose lifestyle, because that gives me a bigger range of ideas that I can write about here. Besides travelling I love cooking/baking, reading a good book, binge watching on Netflix, ordering take-out on a lazy day, and many more like this. While putting these ideas on the screen I am starting to get excited that I decided to come back here even without my standard adventure stories.

Until next time don’t forget to smile!


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