New York, New York

Hi lovelies,

A post that should have probably come in August last year, but because my laptop is too slow when it comes to downloading the pictures from the GoPro, I gave up and never posted anything about our trip to New York. This was our first visit in the US, and it happened on my 30th birthday!

Always wanted to visit New York and see if the American dream is really genuine. It was an amazing city to visit and experience, but I would not picture myself living there, let along growing my children there. It is too crowded and intense for my taste. And probably that’s because I am coming from a quiet city, without enormous buildings, crazy traffic and crowded streets. But don’t get me wrong, New York is a city that you should experience for sure, even for a day, or a year, or a lifetime.. depending on your taste.

First, our accommodation was central based. I said that it would be better that for our first visit to be close to the main attractions so we don’t really depend on public transportation. The Pod, in Times Square was our home for almost a week. A lovely hotel close to everything that you need, from a tourist point of view. If you are planning a trip to NY check this hotel.

Second, we decided that for our first time here not to visit museums, but to enjoy the outdoors. Probably next time we will add a few museums as well.  We chose to see the Statue of Liberty from the free ferry that takes you to The Staten Island. On a sunny day it’s a good idea, but if it is foggy you will probably not be able to see anything. Also, the ferry does not stop for tourists to take pictures of the statue, as it is a public transportation from NY to Staten Island. The service is 24hrs 7 days a week, and the schedule is every 30 minutes with a few exceptions that you can check on their website. The journey is approximately 25 minutes one way.

Central Park was another place that we wanted to check. We bought some food from a supermarket and had a small lunch. Of course, we had to see a rat, because they couldn’t stay hidden while I was there… This is another thing that I didn’t like about this city, and I am sure that nobody likes.

Times Square was 5 minutes away from the hotel. Oh my.. what a crazy square, full of people and always lit by the big screens. It is a great place for tourist scams, so be careful.

The World Trade Central memorial is perfectly made to commemorate those that lost their lives on 9/11. Central station was crossed as well on our list. We walked on Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan to Brooklyn, and then we returned on Manhattan Bridge. China town was another place that we went. If you are planning to go for shopping I will recommend you to have cash on you, as not all shops accept credit card payment. After China Town we had a pizza in the Little Italy. Fun Fact: we never went to Italy.. hmzz.. clearly we need to plan something soon.

On our last day we visited the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. Unfortunately we only had a couple of hours, as we had a plane to catch. Next time when we are coming back to NY, for sure we will allocate a full day to this museum.

In the end I will recommend you to enjoy New York as somebody that lives there. Don’t just cross things on a list, but walk and discover places. Every corner hides something interesting.

These are just few of the places that we saw during our visit. I will let you enjoy few pictures below. And by the way.. it was so hard to choose just few pictures from the 1billion that I took :)):)).

Until next time, stay positive!

Kisses :*

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