Pumpkin Land

Hello lovelies,

How are things? I didn’t check on you last weekend because I was too tired and I just couldn’t gather myself to open the laptop and write a couple of words. But now all is good, got plenty of rest and yesterday we went out to pick up some pumpkins straight off the field. Alright Pumpkin is the name of the farm and it is opened each weekend probably up to Halloween.

I really recommend going, as it’s a fun day for kids and adults alike. The entrance is free: they have a tent where they serve some cakes and hot drinks and besides it pumpkins you can go home with (potatoes €4/bag, carrots €3/bag and onions €3/bag). Pumpkins are priced €5/€10/€15. They basically have 3 holes and in which one your chosen pumpkin goes, that’s the price that you will pay.

You can start by having fun in the maze, at the end you will have the surprize to see some pigs and chickens. After that you can go in the pumpkin field and choose your one or ones. We didn’t took any home, but we did buy potatoes, carrots and onions. Who’s cooking a potato stew now with all the goodies from yesterday!? :D:D

Below are some photos that will hopefully convince you to go next weekend.

Kisses :*

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