My attempt to conquer Sugarloaf

Hi lovelies,

What have you been up to? Didn’t had the power to do too much this past week. I finished a TV series on Netflix, Cable Girls. I found it to be very feminist movie, so if you are into this type of movies, give it a try! Watch it in Spanish with English translation, as I found it very weird to watch it in English.. something didn’t add up.

Now, let’s get started with today’s story. A few weekends ago we went for a short hike with my sister. Alex chose Sugarloaf, which is not too far away from the city. So I took my camera, put on comfortable clothes, and got all excited that I will do some other type of excercise besides walking. There is one thing that I forgot to take into consideration: there are no toilets around, and that can be a problem for a pregnant lady at times :)). Ok, so we got there, all good, we started our hike. The weather was amazing, cloudy but not cold. Perfect for a walk, perfect for taking pictures. I had to go slower than the other two, because I was taking pictures, and because even before I was geting tired when climbing stairs or hicking…well you can imagine how it is now. So I stayed behind and took my time to capture every small thing that I liked. I hicked probably half of the mountain when I realized that I need to go to the toilet. So I made my way back to the car slowly, thinking that maybe I will find a bush or something on the way down. Absolutely nothing, because there were so many people coming up and down, and I was scared for somebody not to see my white bumcheek. Well that was my plan, but as the plans are not working as they should be all the time, I actually had to look for a toilet. And as I said before, there were no toilets around, I had to become one with mother nature, and hide behind a lovely bush that finally appeared, and just pray to God that I will not be seen. Well I did it, and shared it with the world. Not sure if it is apropriate, but I do find it funny, and just hope that you will too. #pregnancyadventures

Below are some pics that I took on that day. Enjoy!

If any of you are pregnant and have funny stories like this one, or even if you have funny stories that you want to share, leave them in a comment below 🙂 I will love to read them.

Until next time I am sending you kisses, hugs and a big big smile.


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