St Anne’s Park

Hi lovelies,

How have you been? Have you smiled today?

Today’s story is about my visit to St Anne’s Park, in Clontarf, Dublin. Never visited it, although I used to work close by for almost a year. Whenever I was passing by I was telling myself that will check it out next time.

Well, “next time” finally came last weekend. We actually decided to go there because of the Farmer’s Market. This being our first time there, I wasn’t too sure where the market is located, so we just parked the car and decided to have a walk around. It’s so beautiful, especially on a sunny. I will tell you something: if you are planning to go, take a book with you.. you will understand why once you get there.

The market has plenty of choices, for everybody and probably all diets/style of life. Save some space for those delicios cakes, otherwise you will think about them all day. I went for the Belgian fries, because this is what I dream at night. By the way, the market is each Saturday from 09:00 to 17:00. And if you are not a fan of parks, the sea is just a few steps away. So you can take the food from the market, enjoy it while watching the sea and listening to seagull’s concert.

I will let you enjoy the few pictures that I took. Until next time enjoy every second of your day. Remember that life is beautiful when you smile!

Kisses :*

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