What is going to be?

Hello lovelies,

I am intrerupting the usual adventure stories so I can give you the big news. Hint Hint, it is related to the pregnancy journey.

So a little bit of background: I didn’t want to find out the gender of our little one until he/she will decide to say “Hi!” to the world. But this wasn’t its dad’s wish, as he wanted to find out as soon as possible. We had to compromise and meet halfway. So because I was ok with his idea of finding out earlier, he had to be ok with my idea of having a little gender reveal party. And it wasn’t easy to convince him, because he is such a curious, excited person that he sometimes cannot wait even 1 sec. So you can imagine how excited he got over this news :D:D. Oh I love him so so much, that I wouldn’t have gotten upset even he had his way of finding out directly at the scan, but I wanted to have my way as well :D:D

So we had the Anatomy Scan or the Big Scan on Wednesday, the 28th of August. I need to admit that I was a bit nervous for the results, because in fairnes it is a big scan, and you will find out if your baby is happy and healthy inside your growing belly. Nothing too eccentric, just a few butterflies playing around. Once at the scan, we kindly asked the nurse if she would be able to write the result and place it in an envelope, which she was happy to do. The scan went ok, thebaby is healthy and happy!

After the scan, we handed the envelope to my sister, who had to prepare the balloons. The gender reveal was on Saturday 31st of August, and we invited some very close friends and family. I had the great idea of cooking everything by myself, which I can say was a good idea, but not ok for somebody that wants everything to be perfect. So after only 5hrs of sleep, and a short panic session in the morning because one of the recipes failed, I finally gave in and cried for a good few minutes right before people started to come. Lesson of the day…never gonna a party on a Saturday if I am working on Friday, and if this will happen definitely I’ll order pizza. I knew that I was ridiculous and had no reasons to cry, but I just couldn’t stop. I will blame it on the hormones 😀

We had to move the party outside for the gender reveal part. Why was that? For the gender reveal part I decided to do something that can be kept forever, and not just have a memory of it and few pictures. The things that we needed were: canvas, black balloons, paint (grey, pink and blue), and darts. Because my sister had the envelope from the begining, she had to blow the balloons and put the paint in. Obviosly we only used 2 colours, although I wished, I am not pregnant with twins:D

So now you see why we had to move the party outside, because this is when it got very messy. We attached the balloons to the canvas and me and Alex took turns in popping the balloons. We each two balloons per turn. One of the balloons had confetti in it, and one was blue/pink and the rest grey. I don’t remember who popped the confetti one, but people got excited because the majority of the confetties were pink, and then they saw other colours as well. And shortly after this I had the honor of popping the real one, which was blue. Yes, we will have a little boy! And we are so so excited. I need to admit that since I found out that I am pregnant I had a strong feeling that I will have a boy.

I will let you enjoy a few pictures from the party that my sister kindly took. I wasn’t in the mood of taking any pictures, because of all the panics that I had throughout the day.. which I kind of regret, but lesson learned 🙂

Until next time, be happy and kind!

Kisses :*

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