Bruselles – Villers Abbey

Hello lovelies

Late May we went to Brussels for a weekend. It was a short visit this time, but we managed to visit Villers Abbey, a very beautiful establisment in the town Villers-la-Ville.

Within an hour you will get your destination. They have loads of events and you can check more details here. It is a beautiful place to come for a walk, picnic, day out with the kids. The best natural cherry juice that I drank up to now, was there!

Villers Abbey is a Cistercian abbey that was founded in 1146 and abandoned in 1796. Luckily in 1896 the Belgian state purchased the site and started the restauration. Although the church is in ruins, you can still see the beautiful arches and rose windows that are characteristic to Cistercian architecture. We spent a good amount of time there, checking almost every corner of the site. The ticket is only €9 for adults, students €7 and children (age 6 to 12) €4; for more options check here.

We didn’t visit too much this time, as we only stayed for the weekend, but we definitey enjoyed every second of the trip. We have a secret reason of why we are coming back to Brussels, and that’s because we love the company… I guess it is not a secret anymore 🙂

I leave you to enjoy a few pictures from this trip, and until next week don’t forget to smile and to be kind.

Kisses :*

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