The best news of 2019

Hi lovely,

There were probably better ways of explaining why I was silent for so many months again. People that are following me on Instagram and Facebook already found out the news, and now that I have time to sit down and write a few words, it’s time for this small comunity to find out also.

The adventure started in April, in the same weekend that we went to Connemara.. or at least this is when we found out about this new adventure. It was a long expected one, probably the only one that we were looking for lately. 19 weeks past since then.. 19 beautiful weeks and still 21 to go. Yes, my belly will grow as a balloon until January when it will pop. I might write a few posts about this journey.

And now, the reason why I didn’t post anything until now, is not because of any symptoms that pregnancy brings along, but because in May we went to Brussels and when we got back to Dublin I realised that I forgot my camera in Brussels. Don’t worry! I forgot it in my brother-in-law’s car, so it isn’t lost. The bad news is that I had to wait until July when he and his family had visited us. So here you you are up to date with everything.

Next week I will share the experience that we had this time in Brussels.


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