Hello beautiful soul!

We try as much as possible not to spend weekends at home, but explore new places. Our friends Cristina and Nasim invited us to go and explore the Connemara area with them. Although we were a bit hesitant in the begining (due to the weather alert!) I am glad that we went.

We stayed for one night in a really nice cottage that we rented from The entire house was €155 and had 12 single beds and 2 double beds. The cottage was equipped with everything that you needed for an overnight stay. Because the weather was actually fine, I mean no rain or wind, we did a BBQ. Delicioso! Back home in Romania during spring/summer/early autumn we met with our group of friends and did BBQs most of the evenings. So this experience just brought old memories back.

In the morning we were woken by birds songs. Guess what some of us had for breakfast!! Left overs from the BBQ. We couldn’t leave without visiting something in the area. The Connemara National Park was just 15 min away from where we stayed. It is a beautiful park and I say to put it on your list if you are planning to visit Ireland. Bring your proper hicking gear. We weren’t too smart, and, because it was foggy, windy and rainy we couldn’t do the full trail. However we managed to do halfway, and the views are spectacular. You actually don’t feel that you are in Ireland, maybe Iceland or Faroe Islands.

From here we went to visit a beach that was on the Atlantic Way Road. I cannot pin it on the map now, but I am sure that any beach that you find in the area will be nice.

On the way home we stopped to Kylemore Abbey which is another amazing place that needs to be visited when in Ireland. What I would suggest is to come here on a sunny day, because you can visit the gardens, which I am sure are more appreciated when it’s warm outside.

Check the pictures below, because maybe my words didn’t convince you 🙂

Until next time, don’t forget to smile when looking in the mirror.




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