Skerries – a gorgeous coastal town in Ireland

Hello beautiful soul!

I hope you had a good week. Today’s article is about my visit in the gorgeous coastal town of Skerries. It’s a short train ride from Dublin – you will need to take the train from Connolly station.

Once arrived to your destination you should go and visit the Skerries Mills (5-10 min walk from the train station). You will have a chance to see the old bakery, 2 windmills and 1 watermill. You can book a guided tour for the price of €8 per adult. The bakery was producing breads and confectionary until the 1980s. You can even see how the watermill works and how they used to grind barley to obtain flour. Bring your kids as well, because I am sure that they will enjoy it as much as you!

From there we went to the beach were we managed to get our shoes wet… How, you ask? Well, this is because we didn’t take them off and we ventured too far. But regardless of how wet our shoes and socks were, we had a long walk on the beach. We stopped for some food at Brascos restaurant and then went back home.

Next time we’re in Skerries we want to visit Ardgillan castle. As I’ve heard it’s a really nice one.

Below are some pictures from our visit. If you are visiting Skerries because of this article do tag me as well. I would love to see your captures.


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