A perfect day on the cliffs

Hello to you kind soul!

I was under the false impression that I already told you about Howth, but going through my older posts I only found a post about the Ireland’s Eye Island. Therefore lets dig into today’s story.

Howth is a beautiful village in the Howth Peninsula that can be found north of central Dublin. You can either take the train from Dublin Connolly, or Dublin Bus number 31/a from Talbot street towards Howth Summit. If you are taking the bus, I would suggest you stop in the village.

Every weekend and Bank Holiday you can find a food market besides the train station. If I am there I always buy fresh bread, lángos/burritos. If you are not a big fan of eating from these type of places, you will find plenty restaurants around. I would suggest The Brass Monkey Restaurant and Wine Bar for the best chowder. They are always full for lunch time, so if I would suggest you book a table in advance. 

Have a walk in the harbour because you might spot seals! If you have time to do a boat tour of Ireland’s Eye Island, go for it, and I guarantee you that you will see some seals. Apparently you can spot puffins also, but I never saw them (maybe you will be luckier). 

Once you are ready for the hike, walk towards the beach, and then go up the hill. The trail is a bit more difficult then the one from Bray to Greystones, so take your hiking boots for knee and ankle support. If you are travelling with kids, please keep them close to you, as in some places it’s quite dangerous. Have a bottle of water as well, because you will need it.

I would suggest you go until you reach the Lighthouse and then come down to the harbour through the village. On your way up you will have the beautiful views of the coast, and on your way down you will see the most amazing houses. If you are visiting it in September, you might have the chance to pick blackberries on the side of the street.

I leave you be with a few pictures as proof of this amazing place.

Until next Sunday, be good and smile!





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