Beautiful Ireland – Bray to Greystones

Hi beautiful,

If you are planning to visit Dublin you should definitely make time to go into the wilderness. Today I will show you few pictures from the Cliff Walk from Bray to Greystones.

What I would suggest is to start the adventure early in the morning. You can either take the bus or the train, but the second option is much easier and faster. Once in Bray head to the beach. Prepare your pockets because you will find at least 2-3 pebbles 🙂 I just bring them home and put them around my orchids. What would you do with yours?

If you want to have something to eat before the walk, I highly recommend a visit to Campo De’ Fiori or if you want to eat something traditional, go for a take away at Seaside Fast Food and the good part of this choice is that you can have your food while watching the waves and listen to the sound of the sea and seagulls. For the best icecream go to Gino’s gelato which is just behind Sea Life.

Before you start the cliff walk take a bottle of water, because you will need it. The walk is not a dificult one, but it is definitely a long one (approx 7km), so do reserve 2hrs for it. The path follows the coast line, and you will have spectaluar views of the East Coast. To start the walk, follow the promenade towards Bray Head and then keep following the path around to the left. You will not be able to miss it, as it’s well marked.

Along with the spectacular view of the coast, you will also might be able to spot lizards, dolphins, the basking shark, and different species of birds.

Your walk will finish on the beach from Greystones. I am not trying to tell you what to do, but it is a must to just sit there and relax after this long walk. Just get there and you will understand why.

Greystones is full of beautiful places where you can go and have something to eat, in case you are hugry again. Last time I went to Greystones I wanted to have something to eat at The Happy Pear (vegan food), but unfortunately I got there too late. Another place that you can go to is Las Tapas and yes, you are right, it is Spanish restaurant.

Right, enough about food. Take the train back to the city from Greystones train stop. To see when your train arrives, go on Irish Rail.

I hope you will give it a try. Do let me know how it was!

Until next time stay true to yourself!


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