A chapter from my life

Hello guys!

We are disrupting the Icelandic adventure for a short storytime. I don’t know if any of you know, but I am born and raised in Romania, which is a beautiful country full of bad luck, but that is a completely different story.

I came to Ireland 6 years ago, and from the moment I landed I called it my home. It was the best decision that I made, and the best experience that I got. And the good news is that it is still on going. No, I am not going anywhere. I don’t want to go back to Romania, or move to a different country. At least not for the next good few years.

I am not gonna go into much details about my personal life, but long story short Ireland changed me at 180°. Experiences here made me trust myself, love what I am, and to not be scared to go into unknown. I realized that if you want to grow you need to fall, because otherwise you will not learn what and how to do. And another thing that I love about Dublin is that it is a good city to stay if you like traveling around the world. The home of Ryanair, which I am not a fan of lately, but let’s be true to ourselves, we will always prefer to go low cost if possible. The weather was another strong point, and this is purely because I don’t like hot summers. And lets not forget about the people that are living here, each and one of them are beautiful souls.

Today Ireland and Irish people abroad are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Days before the big day, some buildings are turning green, and on 17th March the city centre is blocked to make place for the parade. I am not a big fan of big crowds, but I do recommend you to go to one if you have the chance. And if you are doing this, buy yourself a breakfast roll from any deli shop, and a pint of Guinness and enjoy the show.

See you next week with the second Icelandic story.

Kisses :*




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