Magical land – Iceland part 1

Hi guys!

How has your life been until now? Anything that you would like to share? Leave a comment down below with your story.

Meanwhile let me just tell you about my recent adventure: we went to Iceland, the country of ice&fire, to discover nature’s wonders. It was the best holiday that I had! My words and pictures will not be able to describe fully what Iceland is offering so put it on your list if it’s not there already or go and book those tickets. Trust me, you will not regret it.

Before I start my story, let me give you few tips and tricks that I used through out this trip…

Clothes and shoes: hiking boots, ski jacket, ski pants, tights, a few long-sleeve running tops, a tank top, your chosen warm blouses, gloves and a hat. Don’t overpack, because you will not have a podium to present your wardrobe. All you need in this trip are your warmest clothes so you can walk around confortably.

Food: If you want to make this trip low-cost, try as much as possible to buy all your food from supermarkets. All we had was their delicious yoghurt, Isey Skyr (the one with apples is the best), and sandwiches. One night we had a small BBQ in our airbnb. From my experience, try not to buy too much food, because you will not have time to eat it. You can drink the tap water everywhere you go in Iceland, so just buy a bottle in your first day, and then just refill it.

Accomodation: Don’t be afraid to book an hostel. You will only need a bed and a bathroom, as you will be on the road during the daytime anyway.

Car rentals: Definitely buy the full insurence that the car rental company is offering, and make sure that is covering you for damage from gravel roads and sand and ash storm.

Tours and experiences: Do your research on what tours you can do in the area that you are visiting. Don’t look at the costs, because everything is expensive in Iceland, just book it if you like it, and trust me, you will not regret it. Always start your day early, so you can be ahead of big groups of people. Iceland is full of tourists, and mostly photographers/vloggers/bloggers, so if you want to take a shot of a famous place without people, you really need to be there first.

Now .. let’s dig into my Icelandic adventure. I will devide this experience in 3 parts because there are so many things to say and show. Today’s story is about our first and second day in there.

We flew in with IcelandAir, which is one of our favorite company now. The tickets were around €130 per person. I will give 5stars to the service and comfort that IcelandAir is offering. I watched a movie during the flight, and it might not be so wow for you, but after flying with low cost companies like Ryanair, Blue Air, WizzAir, you are wowed when you see a screen in front of you and they don’t charge extra for your movie 🙂

We landed in Reykjavik on the 1st March around lunch time, took the rental car and off we went to Blue Laggon, our first destination. Just to clarify, we visited Iceland together with one of my college friends and her fiancé. And actually all this trip was their idea, so thank you so much Petruta and Adi!

Ok… Blue Lagoon, expensive but definitely something that you need to tick on your list. You don’t need to book the most expensive ticket. With the standard ticket around €80 per person you have towels, silica face mask and a drink per person included. All you need to bring from home is your swiming suit and a pair of slippers. I forgot mine at home, and felt a bit awkward to walk without shoes.We stayed there around 4 hrs I believe, did some pictures, swam and did some water exercises, almost lost a go pro under the water and cut my foot on a rock… I was actually speaking with the others and saying, how cool will it be to book Blue Lagoon with your best friends and do your wedding party in there. You as a wife to wear the veil, and the groom the bowtie. Now don’t steal my idea, ok?! :D:D

On our way to Reykjavik we stopped in a supermarket and bought a few bits and pieces. The first night we stayed at GEST-INN Guesthouse, a hostel in Reykjavik. We booked two rooms with two beds, and the bathroom/shower was on each floor. We ended our day with a Isey Skyr yogurt and a small research on what to visit in Reykjavik. We decided to visit only Bon Voyager and Hallgrimskirkja church, as we wanted to visit Snæfellsnes as well, and then drive to our next accommodation which was in the Golden Circle area.

On the next morning we left around 08:00 and we went first to see the Bon Voyager. I do think that the best time to visit it is at sunrise. Otherwise during the day, it’s just a statue with a beautiful view. At sunrise you have the light that is dancing on the statue and together with the mountain view and the reflections from the water: it is beautiful and you don’t often hear me speaking like this about statues! At 09:00 the Hallgrimskirkja opened its doors for the tourists. The tour of the church is free, however if you want to go in the church tower you will need to pay 1000 ISK (around €7.50). I will advise you to do that, because this church is the largest building in the country and among the tallest. You will have a 360° view over all Reykjavik.

Unfortunately we did not had time to visit more things in the capital, but definitely we will come back and explore it more. We started our road trip towards Snæfellsnes Peninsula, which is known for its dramatic landscapes. They say that the highlight of the peninsula is Kirkjufell mountain, but for me it was Arnarstapi. This used to be a vibrant fishing village. You have a view towards the Stapafell mountain, Snæfellsjökull glacier, you will see the big statue of Bárður Snæfellsás, Gatklettur – Arch Rock, basalt columns, and Gatklettur (“Hellnar Arch”). The views are magical, and cannot be described using words so if you are going to Iceland, definitely put this on your list. The last visit of the day was Búðir church. I am sure you all know it. It’s the black church with amazing mountain views in the background. If you are there don’t just take pictures of the church and hurry to your next destination, but also go on the beach for a 2-minute walk from the church. It is a golden beach with black lava stones.

The day ended with the trip towards our airbnb accommodation, where we stayed for the following 2 nights. We stayed in one of Fjóla’s cabins, Mosas 4, in Flúðir. If it is your first time using Airbnb and you would like to book accommodation either in Iceland or anywhere in the world, you can click here. You will be given $34 in travel credit and after your first trip I will receive $17 credit.

I will end my story here, and let you enjoy few pictures. Come back next week to read more about my Icelandic adventure.

Until then, don’t forget to be kind.




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  1. Victoria says:

    You made me think to book my tickets for Iceland☺️ Lovely post! Keep up the good work my talented friend! Amazing photos😍😍😍


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