The country of Schnitzel

Hello beautiful,

How have you been? January is almost done, cannot believe how fast the time is passing.

Do you know what is this story about? Hint, hint: schnitzel

Ok, your time has passed, and I hope your answer is Austria. Yes, we visited the capital of Austria, Vienna! And it was absolutely beautiful. I actually did not think that I’ll like it that much and, well, I was wrong to assume something before the visit…

We landed in Vienna mid-day and went straight to the hotel to do the check-in. We stayed again in a hotel from NH Collection, exactly in the heart of the city (it was €145 – B&B rate). We booked the premium room, and, again, we had a lovely dual view of a shopping street with lots of old buildings in front of the hotel. Metro was just 1 min walking distance, really easy to and from the airport. Also, we were within walking-distance from the majority of the attractions.

We took a shower and off we went to have our wander and get to know the city. We stopped for some food at Maschu Maschu – oriental food (Neubaugasse 20, 1070 Wien). Did I ever say to you how much I love hummus and falafel? Well, guess what I had for lunch? of course, falafel plate approx €10, and ayran approx €3. Yammy, my mouth is actually watery right now, only from re-living that moment. Definitely pop-in if you are in Vienna and you are looking for a good and cheap place to eat.

Now, after the food, we were not grumpy anymore so we could explore the city in peace. Alex wanted to visit the museum of Modern Art. Just to compare it with the one in Eindhoven – this one was very, but very weird. You should definitely go and visit it, as you might have a different opinion than me. By the time we finished the visit in the museum it was already dark outside so we slowly walked towards the hotel. But, to wander more, we took the long way and stopped upon an iceskating place. We were actually super-tired, and we decided to skip this, which I am sure would have been a fun moment.

The Danube river is passing through Vienna, and, although we are both from Romania, none of us visited Danube river in Romania before. It was cold and windy along the promenade, but we still adventured ourselves for 10-15 minutes. You can probably take a boat ride along the river, but as it was late and dark we decided to slowly walk towards the hotel.

We wanted to buy some water and fruits for the evening, but guess what, most of the shops are closing at 18:00 on Saturdays. We hopped that at least the ones that were in front of the hotel would have stayed opened until later. But no, our plan did not coincide with their opening/closing times. We asked somebody on the street if maybe there is a shop that is closing later and we found out that the only shop that might be opened was 5 minutes walking distance. Which would have been fine in a normal day, but I was so so tried, and my feet were hurting so much… my fussy personality was slowly showing its face.. But what can you do.. you need water and food in order to survive, so of we went to find the shop. And thanks God that we found it opened. We came back to the hotel, had our well deserved dinner, and went to straight to bed.

In the morning we tried to wake up early, but I just could not function, had to sleep an extra hour. The brekfast we served it again from the top floor. I will give you a tip.. if you are going during the warm season, and you are booking this hotel, go early morning for the breakfast because they have a terace with a few tables, and the view is insane. As it was the cold season, the terrace was closed. The food was tasty, however not that many options from where to choose. With our bellies satisfied, we checked out from the hotel and slowly walked towards the train station for the airport.

Do know that you have a cheap train option and an expensive one. There is no difference between them besides the price. We got burned on the way in, but learned our lesson and took the cheap version on the way out.

One last thing that I want to mention, the buildings’ arhictecture is amazing. I fell in love with Vienna’s looks. In my mind I saw it like a combination between German and Hungarian styles. The historical buildings are tall buildings, either white or yellow with high ceiling rooms, and green roofs, and around them you will find large and open squares.

I will leave below a few photos from this trip, and I will talk to you next week, when I will talk about my Pandora bracelet and how am I choosing the charms for it.

Until then, I will remind you that you are a beautiful soul that will accomplish the things that you are fighting for. Don’t forget to smile while you do that 🙂



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