A weekend in Eindhoven

Hello beautiful,

How did you start the year? Have you planned your holidays?

We just came back from a beautiful trip in Eindhoven. When I booked the tickets for this trip I was thinking to spend a couple of hours in the city, and the night in Amsterdam. But in the end, we decided to spend the night in Eindhoven. However, the only thing that you cannot schedule is the weather, and this time it failed us.

In spite of this we still had fun by exploring the city: we landed midday and went to our hotel to check-in. The stay was at NH Collection in the middle of the city. It’s close to everything – the shopping area, supermarkets, and lots of touristy objectives. They gave us a room with a dual view of the city – I highly recommend to book a room there if you are ever in Eindhoven.

In our first day there we met with Alex’s sister and her family as they are living close by. Together with them we had some chinese food at Tony’s street food, another place in Eindhoven that you need to check out – the food comes in BIG portions, is delicious and super cheap.

The Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven’s museum of modern art was our next stop: the entry is €13, and kids under 12 years can go in for free. There’s plenty of interesting, interactive and ingenious things that you can see and do in there.

As it was raining we decided to check a pub for a drink and something to eat. Thus, we spent a couple of hours at the Tipsy Duck pub, where we played Pool and had some beers. I mean, I supervised the game, and the boys showed their skills. The place wasn’t serving food, so we went to a fast food next door, and bought some chips, burgers and shaorma to go with the alcohol – the perfect combination!

On the next day we had a delicious breakfast at the hotel (another reason why you should book this hotel – the food is excellent, there’s plenty of options for everyone that loves to eat big healthy portions!). Something that I do most times when booking hotels is  to go for the Bed&Breakfast option. It gives you a good reason to wake up in the morning, and eat like a piglet to charge your batteries for a day of wonders.

With our bellies full, we walked slowly on the streets of Eindhoven to discover the gems of the city. We couldn’t wander too far, as it was raining cats and dogs, but as much as we explored, we absoutely loved it. The old is incorporated into new, and it looks amazing! There are not that many high-rise buildings, old cars are parked in front of old brick houses and some are even shinning (on the rare moments when it is actually sunny) like it’s their first day out from the factory. If you look inside people’s houses (for some reason most have their curtains pulled to the side) you will think it’s a showroom. Everytime I go somewhere in the Netherlands I remind myself that it’s ok to be simple, to think outside the box, to be efficient about your living space: in a word to try and be a minimalist. Remember that I have that on my wish list for this year!

I don’t have too many pictures from this trip, but I will definitey come back during spring time, maybe when the tullips are in season: I am sure that the city will look amazing then!

Well, until then enjoy these gloomy pictures that I took on this trip.

Wishing you all an easy start of the week!

You all are beautiful souls!


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