Malaga and its castles

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The post from today is all about our last day in Malaga. We had a really late flight back to Dublin, the sun was up in the sky, no sign of rain so we decided that this is the best time to explore the city.

We started the day with a visit to the Malaga Cathedral. You can either choose to visit the cathedral and the Episcopal Palace or you can book a ticket for these two, including a visit to the tower. Be mindful, because the tour of the tower only runs at certain times of the day. The ticket is only €10 to see all three attractions. They gave us an audio guide as well, I am not sure if everybody gets it or if it’s only when you book the €10 ticket. I don’t really like to listen, actually no… rephrase.. I don’t have the patience to listen to any audio guide, but this time it was nice to hear about the history of what was in front of my eyes. It is an impressive cathedral! The way up is not long, but the stairs are steep, the space is really small, and, obviously, you go in circles. But when you get up to the roof it’s all worth it! You have a full view over Malaga, and it’s beautiful.. I cannot describe it in words, but you need to believe me that you better not skip the tower tour just because you are lazy. After one million selfies and pictures we checked the Episcopal Palace.

Hmz.. I don’t really know what my opinion about this place is. The museum is full of statues with religious themes, and some of them I found spooky. But there is a hidden garden that you can visit and I guess that it’s worth spending time there because of that.

After this we went to the Gibralfaro castle. Little did we know what to expect from this visit… Imagine that it was midday, during a HOT day, we were carrying luggage and went on a hike of about 20 minutes. You better have water with you, and, if travelling with kids, some fruits, and wear some comfortable shoes, not heels. The view of the harbour and of the La Malagueta Bullring is absolutely amazing. It’s worth it to do this hike! If you don’t fancy a workout, you can take the short way in a bus, but you will miss on the view, I am telling you. Once you get into the castle prepare yourself for more amazing views of Malaga city. You can check the gardens and you also can walk around the walls for other views of the city and surroundings.

Oh yeah! I forgot to mention, you can actually buy a ticket of €5.50 I think, for both the Gibralfaro castle and Alcazaba of Malaga. All the tickets are bought from the vending machine that is just at the entrance of the castle.

On your way down from the castle you need to be really careful, especially if it’s raining, as the road tends to be slippery. The way down is much much easier, as you already know what to expect.

Alcazaba of Malaga is just at the end of your down on the right. I really liked this palatial fortification. The gardens and the interior were much nicer than what I’ve seen at the Gibralfaro castle. When I entered it reminded me of Alhambra a bit. The only difference is that you don’t have that many flowers or drawings on the walls.

We ended our trip with a visit to the harbour, had a coffee and a healthy frozen yogurt while enjoying the sunset. We took the train to the airport and off we went back to Dublin.

Don’t ask me how I managed to stay awake the next day at work, because I don’t remember anything. We were delayed for at least 30 min, and after that I came across a taxi driver that instead of going on the short way, as I told him, he took me around. So there I am at 2am fighting with the taxi driver about my fare. 😦 Not cool man.. not cool.. Anyway, I don’t want my story to have a bad ending…

Malaga is an amazing city that should definitely be on your list when planning a trip to South of Spain. If you are coming during the high season you can enjoy the beach as well or you can do a small city break off peak.

Next time I’ll be in Malaga, I will definitely visit Mariposario de Benalmádena, Selwo Marina, and go on the cable car in Benalmadena.

Until next time I’m sending kisses and hugs.

Remember that you are beautiful!


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