Bye Bye 2018.. Bienvenue 2019!

How are we?

It’s been a long long time since I posted something here. I know that I failed my promises that I made firstly to myself, and then to you, my lovely readers. I don’t have any good excuses, besides being lazy and demotivated. But as we are all saying at the begining of each year.. “New year.. new me!”

Learning from my past mistakes, and experiences; I will likely fail in accomplishing any of them. So this year I said that instead of making a list of goals, I will make a list of wishes. And I will push myself to make those wishes come true regardles of the circumstances.

Without further ado, here is my list of wishes for 2019:

  • I wish to read more than last year.
  • I wish to meditate every single day
  • I wish to continue going to the gym constantly
  • I wish to learn how to let go of any negative thoughts/emotions that are poping out in my mind
  • I wish to travel more than last year
  • I wish to tell a story to you on a weekly basis
  • I wish not to let any defeat bring me down, but to learn from it
  • I wish to learn how to live as a minimalist
  • I wish health and happinness for the loved ones

Being that you have set a couple of goals or wishes for the year, all I want to remind you is that you are a beautiful soul no matter how many failures or successes you have.


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