Spain – Selwo Aventura Estepona

Hello beautiful,

How are you ending this week?

Hmz.. where did we leave the story?! Ah yes, to the sleeping part.

After a good night rest we woke up to what will be our second day in Malaga with a bigger thirst to explore the area. We had the tickets for the bus to Estepona already bought, so the plan was made. We had something to eat, packed some water and bananas and off we went for the bus. We had to take the train to Fuengirola and from there the bus to Estepona.

We got lucky and got the front seats in the bus and had an amazing view all the way to our final destination. Once we got there we started to look for a bus to take us to the park. Apparently there is no bus that you can take there, but at the bus stop there are always taxis. It is a 9 min ride, and it shouldn’t cost you more than €13. We bought the tickets for the park together with the safari adventure for €35. It is not a big difference as the standard ticket is around €27. If you go with kids, make sure to book the safari adventure as well, because they will love it. The park is huge, as you have the zoo, restaurants and 3 areas where you can book accommodation and live with the animals. Imagine waking up in the morning with the sound of exotic birds singing, or a lion’s roar. Oh!! I would love to have that experience.

You can pet a kangaroo or a donkey, there are birds from all over the world flying sround, you can feed the goats and let your kids play with them. There are so many things that you can do there that you don’t actually expect from a zoo. Definitely worth the visit.

I don’t want to say too much about the safari adventure, because I don’t want to spoil the surprise. But basically you get into this big safari car and you are driven around a small section of the park. Be prepared, zebras will surround the car and will not let the car go until you will feed them. :D:D

If you are coming by taxi to the park, you can approach Reception on your way out to get a taxi back to the bus station. When we got back to the bus station, we realized that we actually have a direct bus from Estepona to Malaga which was a much better option than to stop in Fuengirola and take a train back to Malaga. The bus is leaving you close to the Malaga Maria Zambrano train station.

After this long day we got home, rested for a bit and went out for a tasty paella. We went local this time, 5 minutes away from our apartment. La Tasca Boombeer was perfect for our last late dinner. Good prices and delicious food. I had only the sea food paella, and my friend Cristina went for the octopus, calamari and patatas bravas.

As you see our day ended again with a late dinner and straight to bed after. To be honest, I am actually glad that we only stayed for 3 days. Imagine doing that for a week, I would come home with at least 5-6 kg extra. And when you are trying to loose some, is not really encouraging to gain some while on holiday :):):).

Check in next Friday for the final story of this adventure.

To be continued…

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