Bioparc Fuengirola

Hello beautiful people,

It’s me again.. the one that’s always promising that will get on track with blog posts, but never does. 🙂 Fingers crossed that I will manage to have new posts for you on a weekly basis. Anyway, for the next 3 weeks, you will definitely have a new post every Friday, and they will be all about my trip to Malaga, Spain.

First I need to tell you how I ended up to go to Spain. We (Alex and I) were having a pint with our dear friends Cristina and Nasim. The boys were excited as they were going to Amsterdam for a weekend in September. I said that it’s only fair that if they go, we as girls need to go as well somewhere in the same weekend. All decided, I started to look for destinations, but couldn’t find something wow and cheap, as it was just one month away. Luckily Cristina did more digging and found flights for Malaga approx €130 return. I was a bit sad that Alex could not come as well, but you know what.. the boys wanted Amsterdam, so we took over the south of Spain. :D:D

And now, without further ado lets roll part one of the Malaga adventure. We took the plane straight after work and we got to Malaga around 23:00 local time. We were actually surprised to still be able to take a bus to city center. The accommodation was right in the middle of the old town. We booked an apartment on which was approx €300 for 3 nights. After staying in hotels in most of the holidays that I went, I can say that after this experience I prefer apartments. They give you the freedom to have your own home. If you decide to stay in and cook dinner you can do that. Reception was closed when we arrived, because was really late in the night. They sent us the instructions on how to get the key one day before the trip. You had to open a safe which was behind a gate that would not open, and if opened you should not get in because you might get stuck there. With the key from that safe you will open the main door. You then needed to go to Reception to open another safe that will have the key for the apartment. We did all that, no issues, handled 100%! We got in front of the door, and I think that after good 10-15 min we managed to open it. So funny!!!

We had a shower and went out for a walk to check the neighborhood. Unfortunately all the restaurants were closed so the only food that we managed to find was a fast food that was doing pizza. So we grabbed a slice of pizza, and went back to the apartment to have it.

Next morning we woke up and went quickly to a Carrefour express and bought some food for breakfast. We tried to stay healthy, but at the same time we wanted to have some local food as well. I think we spent around €40 and we had breakfast assured for all 3 mornings for 2 people.

After we had a rich breakfast we headed down to Reception to check any recommendations. As it was a gloomy day, we decided to go to the Selwo Aventura in Estepona. The Receptionist explained that we need to go to Fuengirola by train, and from there to take a bus directly to the park. When we went to the train station, we saw an add for a package for the Bioparc together with train tickets. In our mind this was the same park. We bought the tickets and we took the train to Fuengirola as advised. Once we got there we tried our best to find the stop for this bus, but no luck. Eventually we managed to find the main bus stop. They told us to take a bus to Estepona and from there to ask for more details. But in my mind something wasn’t clicking. So I checked again the name on the tickets and the name on the brochure and realized that we actually bought the wrong tickets :). After a good laugh we changed the bus tickets for next day, and we went to check the Bioparc which was actually in Fuengirola.

It is an outstanding zoo! The decor is very well designed with rocks, trees, and drawings to mimic the actual environment that the animals were coming from. We got a bit of rain while visiting, but it wasn’t that bad, as you have loads of trees and roofs that you can stay under. I found it was a really nice and relaxing place for both adults and children. Actually there were more adults in the park than children! For me the highlight of this visit were the flamingo birds, the crocodile and the tigers.

On our return in Malaga we checked Malagueta beach. I did not like the sand on the beach, but the water was clear, with nice foamy waves. Although is in the middle of the city, the beach is large. We rested our feet after the 10.000 steps that we did until then, after which we went for a huge paella at La Barra. It is a very nice restaurant with views to the harbor. The prices are a bit high comparing with other areas in Malaga, but for the view and food quality I think it is worth spending a bit more for one dinner. I had gazpacho and paella. Be careful because they do paella only for 2 people or more, so you need to convince your partner to eat paella as well :):):).

We filled our bellies until we couldn’t walk anymore and went very slowly back home.

To be continued…

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