A short stop in Frankfurt

On our way home, to Romania, we stopped in Frankfurt for few hours. We left the luggage at the airport, and off we went to explore the city. There is a short ride by train from the airport to city center, approx 30 minutes. It was a very very hot day, and especially because we got there in the middle of the day.

We went out of the train station, and right in front of us a food market appeared :). We weren’t that hungry so we chose fresh cut fruits. Yummmy!!! We didn’t have any map for this visit, but we just knew that we want to see Romer square, the Dom Cathedral, to walk on the Eisener Steg Bridge and to eat something traditional. And we focused on doing all of these.

The Romer Square looks amazing, during a hot summer day.. ah!! only imagine how it looks on Christmas :x. I say it looks spectacular.. actually thinking of booking a short trip there for the Christmas market.

There is no entrance fee to the Dom Cathedral. We usually prefer to visit cities as a whole, rather to visit Cathedrals/museums, but considering that the entry was free, we said why not, let’s do it. We actually enjoyed the visit (not only because was so chilly inside, and coming from 30° C, this was heaven for us).

After visiting the cathedral we walked towards the Eisener Steg Bridge, which is full of locks symbolizing love (I personally think that the bridge would have looked much much better without the locks) It was blown up at the end of World War 2, and rebuilt after that. The bridge is spanning over Main river, and connects Frankfurt city center with Sachsenhausen district.

We crossed the bridge and stopped for a bit on a boat on the Main river. Alex had one of their traditional Wursts with potato salad, and I had only the salad, as they did not have any other vegetarian option for my liking. (Shhhht!! don’t tell anyone, I did take a small small bit from his wurst).

As we had our bellies full, we walked slowly back to the train station to go to the airport, so we can continue our journey to Romania.

Adventure doesn’t stop here. Stay close for the next story.

Until then, look after yourself, and the ones around you.

Kisses :*

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