Denmark, you are beautiful! – Part 2

The second day was Alex’s birthday! Cosmin was the driver of the day, so Alex can enjoy it more. In the morning we drove up to the north to see few castles, a fishing village and a beach.

We first stopped to Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød, Denmark. Built for King Christian IV, in the early 17th century, Frederiksborg Castle is the largest Renaissance residence in Scandinavia. After the fire of 1859, the castle was rebuild using the old plans and paintings. When the restoration was finished, the castle was reopened as the Danish Museum of National History.

The Castle Gardens were laid out as a romantic landscaped garden. In the garden you will find King Frederik 2’s small Bath House Castle (Badstueslot) which is occasionally used by the Royal Family for hunt lunches. The grounds also include the baroque style garden that was recreated in 1996 according to the original drawings by J.C. Krieger from 1725. Especially worth noting are the royal monograms executed in boxwood, the historical flowers and the festive cascades.Visit Copenhagen

We then stopped in Helsingør port, from where we bought the fish for the BBQ we were planning. We also tried the pickled mackerel or herring, I don’t remember exactly. A bit too sour for my taste, but delicious otherwise. The port was spectacular, you had a big food court, and then shops where you could buy fresh fish.

From here we drove to Kronborg castle, which is a lovely venue. We didn’t visit the castle itself, because we wanted to have time for the BBQ, but we walked around the it. Until then, I didn’t realize that Sweden is so close to Denmark. You can actually see the shores of Helsingborg, Sweden. Nice isn’t it?

No sailor dared to pass by the castle without paying the Sand Dues to the King, as otherwise they knew that their ship will be sank. The menacing guns were pointing directly toward the ships. As the king’s coffers were getting filled up with the Sand Dues, King Frederick II improved the look of the castle – Kronborg castle becoming one of the most beautiful castles during Renaissance period. Unfortunately, after the fire of 1629 the castle was abandoned. Between 1658-1660 the castle was occupied by King Karl Gustav (Sweden), and for the next 300 years the castle was used only for the Danish army as a fortress and barracks.

We ended our journey with a trip to the beach. I can’t remember the exact location of this beach. It was such a nice view! I would have stayed there on the sand, and just watch the waves, but we had o go back home to prepare the BBQ.

After all these castles visits, we ended the day with a feast!!

On the next day we slept in, and then went straight to the airport.

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