Denmark, you are beautiful! – Part 1

Do you remember that last year I organized a trip to Berlin for Alex’s birthday? This year we went to Copenhagen for his Birthday! I bought the ticket in January, and revealed the surprise through a scavenger hunt. The biggest coincidence ever was that, when I got home from work, Alex was home speaking on Skype with Cosmin, a friend from Copenhagen. He called to invite us to his wedding, not knowing that I have this surprise prepared. When Alex eventually found out where we are going he thought that I spoke with Cosmin already, and organized this together, which I did not. It was such a funny moment, and a big big coincidence! Because we don’t speak that often with Cosmin, and the fact that he called exactly on the day that I prepared the surprise, and they were still speaking when I got home, it was just mind blowing. :D:D

I will leave you now to read about the places that I visited in Copenhagen. What a beautiful city! And we also got lucky with the weather. On the day that we landed there were over 27 degrees. Did not enjoy that, but I guess that while on holiday the sun is better than the rain 🙂

We rented a car, because we did not stay in the city itself, but just outside Copenhagen. We stayed in Cosmin’s place (we are so lucky that we have friends living there). Otherwise, to be honest, I think that we would spend a goodd part of our savings on accommodation. Exaggerating a bit to prove my point, but Copenhagen is expensive in terms of accommodation, and especially during their peak times, which June apparently is.

We arrived in Copenhagen on a Friday afternoon, and after we left the luggage home, we went out to explore the city. We visited The Little Mermaid statue, which is little indeed. The area is full of tourists trying to get a picture with the statue, so if you want a picture go in the early morning. After we saw the statue we went and visited Kastellet, which is right beside it.

Kastellet is a star fortresses, and is actually one of the best preserved in Northern Europe. It’s construction started in 1626 during King Christian IV of Denmark. Later, after the Swedish siege the citadel was rebuild and extended. In 1940, during the German invasion of Denmark, Kastellet was captured without any resistance.Between 1989-1999 the citadel was renovated and it serves now mainly as a public park and historic site.

Amalienborg, the Queen’s winter residence, was our next stop. This castle was actually built for four noble families. In 1794 when Christiansborg Palace burned, the royal family bought Amalienborg as their new home. The octagonal courtyard is formed by four classical palace façades, and in the middle of the square you will find the statue of King Frederick V, who is the founder of Amalienborg.

I could not have said that I went to Copenhagen, if I would not have went to Nyhavn. It is a street full of laughs, joy, colors and tourists. There are loads of bistros along the street, where you can stop for some food and drinks. All the houses have the same original colors, as the owners are not allowed to use a different tone beside the ones from 17th and 18th century. When I heard this fact, I started to laugh, because I imagined people looking for the recipe, and how they are trying to paint the houses in the same color. Seams silly now when I put it in words, but it was funny then.

We ended our first day in Freetown Christiania, which is a commune of approx 1,000 people, and is extended on 34 hectares. It is a source of controversy discussions since its creation in 1971. Before Christiania this place was a military base, which you can clearly see it once you enter in the commune. Leaving aside the fact that it is a place from where you can purchase and where you can smoke weed, it is a lovely community that at first sight tries to live a hippie life in the high speed century.

“Christiania is the land of the settlers. It is the so far biggest opportunity to build up a society from scratch – while nevertheless still incorporating the remaining constructions. Own electricity plant, a bath-house, a giant athletics building, where all the seekers of peace could have their grand meditation – and yoga center. Halls where theater groups can feel at home. Buildings for the stoners who are too paranoid and weak to participate in the race…Yes for those who feel the beating of the pioneer heart there can be no doubt as to the purpose of Christiania. It is the part of the city which has been kept secret to us – but no more.” Jacob Ludvigsen – Civilians conquered the ‘forbidden city’ of the military

We ended the day at home with delicious food and lovely company.

To be continued…

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