From Dalkey to Dún Laoghaire

Hello beautiful,

Yeah!! I know… Finally I managed to visit Dalkey, after 5 years of living in Dublin. A beautiful suburb of Dubin, that needs to be added to your list once you decide to visit Dublin, Dalkey is only a 30 minutes ride by Dart from the city center.

Dalkey is home to many well known people: writers, musicians, film directors, and rock stars. Bono, David Evans, Neil Jordan are just a few of the celebrities that own a house in Dalkey. And no surprise there – Dalkey is amazing. It is a seaside resort, close to Dublin city, and minutes away from Dún Laoghaire. Everywhere you look, you have an amazing view. If you go on a sunny day, you actually feel you are in Italy. There is actually a street called Sorrento Road, are you wondering why?

So.. we went there to visit, enjoy the beach… maybe eat some good food as well. Guess what!? We walked, and walked, and walked along the beach, until we reached Dún Laoghaire. I found it so funny, that in less than 30 minutes walking you were in a different city. Next time when we will go to Dalkey, we will visit the castle and James Joyce tower for sure.

Dún Laoghaire is another beautiful coastal suburb of Dublin. I actually feel like I am on holidays when going there. There was a huge food market at the time. I will tell you a secret, never go to a food market when you are hungry, because you will want to buy everything, and you will stop first to the sweet stands. I did that, and found myself in front of the cronuts stand before choosing something to eat. But the cronut was so goooood!!!! I feel bad now that I don’t remember the name of the stand.

After this long walk, we took the train back home and we stayed in bed for the rest of day, as we could not feel our legs anymore. With this included, I had a fantastic time visiting Dalkey and Dún Laoghaire, and I will definitely go back on a sunny day.

Remember that you are a beautiful soul!

Kisses :*

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