The Beginning

Hi beautiful,

This will be my first official post written on my website created on WordPress. I cannot express in words how happy this launch makes me. Although it might seem a minor thing for you, it’s been a long time dream for me, and I finally had the courage to take action on it!

Let me tell you a bit about the work you will see here. There will be loads of pictures in the What I Do page, blog posts about travel, life experiences, products are present on Storiesand for those of you that are looking for new ideas for cooking/baking go to Empty Tummy

If you are looking for the post’s schedule, please be aware that new recipes will be posted on weekends, and during the week you can read about my adventures. I would not have an exact day for the adventure stories, but if you will follow this blog via email, or follow me on Instagram, you will be notified every time when something new is up.

What I will need from you is nothing else than to express yourselves. Put across your opinions in a polite manner, because I always get excited when people are appreciating or criticizing my work. This is the way I improve my work, and one of the few ways that I can meet you.

You are beautiful!

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