Romania – Baile Govora

I am from Romania, and although I am not a big fan of living there, I do like to go home from time to time. Romania is a beautiful country, loads of history, good food, lovely landscapes. I prefer the mountain side, so I will always recommend going for a hike on Ceahlau mountain, or driving on the Transfagarasan which is the best road in Romania and is crossing the southern section of the Carpathian Mountains. If you are watching Top Gear, you probably know what I am talking about (best driving road in the world!).

What really surprised me is that maybe half of the plane were foreigners visiting Romania. This really brought a smile, and joy. Even more.. I was actually proud that they discovered my country and they are willing to visit the beauty that it has to offer.

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This time we went to Baile Govora for the Christening of our nephew. Although we stayed only for a full day, as the other two we were on the road, I really enjoyed my time back home. It is a lovely mountain town, away from big cities, perfect for a short getaway.

I did not take that many pictures, because I wanted to spend more time with family, and do a small break from phone and camera. However, please find below few pictures from this trip and from my previous one, from last year.

Until next time, enjoy the summer and share a smile!

Kisses from Maria :*

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