I even lost count of how many times I’ve been to Brussels. I love this city so much, and not just because is the city where I got asked the big question, but also because I do feel like I am home every time when I am there.

Believe it or not, but all the visits are 99% about food, drinks and beautiful people, that we are always looking forward to reconnect with. This time the 1% was about the half marathon that Alex did in Ypres. The race was organized to mark the centenary of battles that took place during World War 1 in that area. Throughout the Great Peace Run (name of the race) you were passing iconic monuments and places that played a big role in the events of 1918.

“The course of this unique experience run and walk starts at the famous Menin gate, continuing on through Flanders’ Fields, including Hill 60 and Hill 62. The finish is drawn on the town square of Ypres in front of the “In Flanders Fields” Museum.”

It was an extraordinary day, 28°C which is very unusual for Belgium. The weather was not helping the runners at all, but Alex finished with a good time, and he was really impressed by his performance. I want everybody to know that I am really proud of my monkey-boy. 

The rest of the days that we spent in Brussels, we just wanted to relax and enjoy time with family. We even went for a celebration at Laura’s school, which was an emotional moment I must say.

One of the evenings was dedicated to jazz music. I’ve never been to a jazz concert, or even listened to jazz music at Castel du Karreveld. It was a very very cozy venue. Oana and Serban, who had this great idea of organizing this, heard positive feedback about the venue, and booked a table for us all. I am not eating meat, so I had to work around the menu a bit, but nothing that couldn’t be fixed. And to be honest, my meal was the best. I had 3 vegetarian delicious quiche slices, and the other 3 had tartar (nothing against that, but bleah!). It was my first time listening jazz music and I really enjoyed it and actually left from there eager to come back.

I will leave you to enjoy few pictures from this trip, and until next time, be good. Don’t forget that you are beautiful no matter what.

Kisses from Maria :*

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