Powerscourt Waterfall

Hello to all my beautiful readers!

I hope your days went through smoothly, and every issue you had was solved with a smile on your face.

A couple of weeks ago we went to see the Powerscourt Waterfall. We visited the gardens a good while ago, and you can read all about it by clicking here.

It is a beautiful drive to the falls, through the forest. If you feel adventurous you can walk from Enniskery to the falls, but be aware that there is a 1h 32min walking distance. There is a fee of €6 per person. To be honest I expected a big waterfall, or maybe I am used with a different type of waterfall. I expected it to be very noisy and big. It is a nice place for photography though, so take your tripod and your best lens and go there.

In terms of food options, you only have a small kiosk. They do have chips (fries), hot or cold drinks, sweets etc. Also, you have the option to make your own BBQ or make a picnic, as there is a huge open space. You also have tables and seats if you don’t like to sit on a blanket. Close to the kiosk there is a small playground so your children can get busy while you discuss an action plan for the coming days.

Until next time, smile and enjoy every second from your day!

Kisses from Maria

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