My July experience in Brussels and Normandy

Hello to all my beautiful readers,

I hope everything is fine, and you have that lovely smile on your face.

The trip that I am going to tell you about was kind of a last minute thing, and also I went by myself without Alex. Don’t worry, I didn’t spend the holiday by myself, but with his family. It was a very relaxing holiday, just about beach, food and reading Game of Thrones.

Let’s clarify this trip’s itinerary; I flew on Sunday to Brussels where I stayed for 2 nights, on Tuesday morning we drove to a village in Normandy, and on Wednesday the following week I took the flight back to Dublin from Nantes, France. I am the worst person to give directions, or to follow maps or anything like that. So you can imagine that I did not ace that :). We did download the offline map from google, and we had a GPS as well. Also we did find our way every single time, so thank you Oana and technology for driving us safely to our destination every single day.

In Brussels I only visited the Neuhaus chocolate factory, and OUIBar + KTCHN at Radisson ed where I had the best lunch ever. The reason why I initially stopped for a lunch here was that I needed to go to an address, but I did not had any internet connection and my SIM card was not working so I was not able to contact anyone. I had the offline map on my phone, but who could follow a map…my blonde brain refused to do that. I walked around with my luggage like a lion in a cage, up and down the street. No luck! So I said, I better look for a cafe or so that has internet and sockets because my phone’s battery was almost dead. So I found this OUIBar + KTCHN that had everything that I needed. I really recommend you go and eat there if you find yourself in the area. The prices are not that high, at least comparing with the prices from Dublin – it was similar. I ordered a soup of the day, and a ham and cheese sandwich. The soup of the day was carrot soup, well presented and extremely tasty. I liked the sandwich as well, but it was nothing to blow me away. The total bill was around €17, or so. After I ate my meal and consulted google maps it was time for me to venture again into the wild streets of Brussels and look for my final destination. Got very lucky, and had directions turned on, so I reached my destination in about 20 minutes. I was extremely proud that I did it by myself and I did not have to get a taxi.

On my second day in Brussels we went to the Neuhaus chocolate factory and I indulged myself with loads of delicious treats that they had on display. I will say to you to put it on your list, especially because you can eat as many chocolate as you want, and 2, all the prices are lower than in the shops. But, I do advise you that you need a car/bike to get there, because there are no buses passing by. So if you are planning to rent a car/bike while you are visiting Brussels, don’t overthink it, put Neuhaus chocolate factory on your list, and you will not regret it. P.S. you need to take a bottle of water with you, because they are not selling or offering water.

On the next day we started a long drive from Brussels to Normandy, France. I think that this part of France and especially the village we stayed in, is my favorite part of the country. Don’t get me wrong, France is a lovely place, regardless of the area, but there is the language barrier, which none of us is willing to drop. While in Normandy, we visited a few beaches that were close to our house there. Carolles was the most wanted beach while we were there. One day we went to a hidden beach, which was more like a small golf. A good tip for you: while you are on the beach wear a sun protection cream regardless of the weather.

I ate a lot, swam like a dog, and read A Game of Thrones. I think this was a perfect way to disconnect and relax. Also this was my last holiday in 2017, so from now will be only local adventures.

Considering that next year me and Alex will reach the 10 year-mark in our relationship, I am trying to make a list with possible destinations for next year. I was thinking of an exotic destination, but one that’s not too expensive. Would you have any recommendations?

Take care and love yourself!

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