That time when we went in Berlin

Hello lovelies,
I hope you had a wonderful time. I haven’t talked to you in a long long time. I hope everything is amazing, and your amazing smile was present on your face and in your mind on a daily basis.
Let me just tell you a brief story about our trip (mine and my fiancé’s) to Berlin. Everything started in December last year, when I thought that it will be a nice Birthday surprise for Alex to go in Berlin in June. Sorted! I looked online to check the prices, and the right dates, booked my holidays and bought the tickets. As I mentioned, initially I didn’t want to tell him about this trip, but me being paranoia, I said “what if he will book something as well, or what if he will not be able to take days off from work?” so I had to tell him everything before buying the tickets. Let me just tell you: the expression on his face, when he found out where were going for his birthday…it was priceless! So I bought the airplane tickets! With this ticked on the list, I had to look for accommodation.
I looked on Airbnb, but wasn’t to happy about what I found. So I started to look on Booking, and Expedia and Agoda for a nice hotel. I wanted to book a suite, 4 or 5 stars, central situated and no be more than €500 for 3 nights, breakfast inclusive. Now the search took a few good days, but eventually I was able to find a nice hotel, with a good rate for a junior suite.
Keep in mind that I booked the hotel in January, so the rates may differ if you book last minute. Andel’s by Vienna House was the hotel of our choosing, and it costed us €483.75 for 3 nights breakfast inclusive for 2 people. I don’t know if you are on the same page, but I always book Bed&Breakfast when I am going on holidays. It is much easier for us to walk around the city, if we had breakfast, and we can even postpone the lunch until later on the day. This helps a lot if you want to cover loads of sightseeing sites. Our junior suite looked amazing, spacious, with access to a rooftop lounge. You have a U stop 1 min away from the hotel and tram stop just in front of the hotel. The breakfast has a great selection of food, everything is fresh and very tasty. What I liked about the breakfast restaurant was that it had big windows and a big buffet area, which made you feel like you are in your own kitchen. I was actually looking forward to every morning:) Staff is amazing, very helpful and always smiling, which is very important for me when it comes to customer experience.
We flew with Ryanair like we always do. The tickets were €179.96 return for 2 people. I would like to make a note and say that I bought the tickets in December last year. I think I did found a good bargain with the plane tickets, as the plane was booked for June.
Now that I pointed out all the details about the flight and accommodation, lets get to what I actually did in Berlin. We got there on a Friday afternoon, and we took the train to Alexanderplatz. You can buy the tickets directly from the train station, and be careful to select ABC area and to scan them before you start using it. A single ticket can be used for a maximum of two hours, or if you plan to use the public transport for the entire day you can buy a day ticket. For prices please click here. The journey from the airport to Alexanderplatz takes approximately 30 minutes. We did not want to go directly to the hotel, because it was to early for our check-in, so we decided to have a look around. This area is big with things to do for everyone. So if you are into shopping, you have TK Maxx, Primark, souvenir shops; if you want to eat something there are loads of restaurants and fast food shops in the area; if you are a kid, you have a couple of trampolines inserted in the concrete. Also you can visit Fernsehturm, from where you will have a 360° view over Berlin. If you plan to visit the TV tower, I do advise booking tickets online. We did not had the chance to visit it, as it was fully booked.
We went to Checkpoint Charlie, and took some pictures, and after we decided to go to our hotel and do the check-in so we can take a shower, and all this jam. We decided to go for an evening walk, and we decided to stop in Alexanderplatz again, and see if we can find something interesting. There was an African festival in the square, with authentic food, beer and music. We had a pint, listened to good music and danced in the rain, as it randomly started to rain cats and dogs. Amazing evening, amazing vibes, I absolutely loved it.
The next day, was Alex’s birthday. I ordered a birthday cake before our arrival, and asked them to bring it in the morning to our room. The lady knocked at the door, and I answered, but she was so scared and panicked because she thought that the cake was for me and she ruined the surprise. I found it so funny! Oh yes, and I forgot that I asked them to do the cake with cherries, which I only found out when we had cut the cake. On that day we booked a free walking tour of Berlin which was absolutely amazing, full of history, recommendations and fun. Our guide was Sarah, who I found to be a really professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend you to book a tour with Sandeman’s New Europe. They also have paid tours for Sachsenhausen – concentration camp, Third Reich Tours, and even a Berlin Beer Tour or Berlin pub Crawl.
After the tour we adventured ourselves to check the Berlin Wall which is full of amazing graffiti designs. On the way to the wall we spotted a very nice place called Yaam. Now, when yo go there, they are asking for a fee of your choice, up to €10, if I remember correctly. They have tasty food, all type of drinks, alcoholic or non alcoholic, club, a beach, a playground for kids. I was absolutely WOWed by this concept. Definitely need to check this place out, if you are in the area.
We reserved Sunday for the zoo and let me just tell you that for an entire day we walked around and looked at animals like we were 5 years olds. It is a fun experience, even if you are an adult, so do not be ashamed to enjoy a day between wild animals and have the same excitement as a kid. Just a sneak peek, they have a polar bear, a freaking polar bear!!! which looks like a normal bear but with white fur :)). Also, they have an Aquarium, and if you want to visit this place as well, you can buy a ticket for Aquarium and Zoo for €21. Be careful to pack some snacks and water, especially if you have your kids with you, because we all know that once you go into a zoo everything is overpriced.
On Monday, before our flight, we went again to the Brandenburg Gate and walked around the area. The market was closed partially, as a congress was taking place at the Russian embassy. Close to this area you can find the Reichstag, which can be visited, but you will have to book tickets online. After that we ate a traditional German sausage and drank a radler, leaving us ready to the airport.
And now two funny stories from this trip. After the tour of Berlin, my shoes broke, and I had to tie the bottom part of the shoe with my laces. Luckily we were close to Alexanderplatz, where a TK Maxx was, so I went in there and looked for a pair of sneakers. Problem solved straight away, but I was laughing so much, and even now, I don’t quite understand why they decided to break, because I did had them for a good couple of years, and they were absolutely fine. And second story funny and scary in the same way happened on Monday, when we almost lost our plane. We got in our train for the airport in time, and after 3 stops I think, the train stopped. And we were waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and after 30 minutes or so they announced that this train is not going anyway. Apparently they found some guns either in that train, or on another train that was in front of us: I didn’t quite understand the full story. Ok, do not panic! we said we will get another train, but no train was coming, because they blocked the lane as well. There were no buses passing by in that area, so the only option was to take a taxi. But you can imagine that the train was full of people that needed to go to the airport, so everybody needed a taxi. Alex had the great idea to go on the main street and just look for a taxi, and after 10 min we found one. The taxi driver drove like a bad-ass, because otherwise we would have missed our plane. We got there 30 min before our gate was closing, so we still had to do the passport control, and luggage control and so on. I was such in a stress, I was actually picturing the plane taking off without us. But we made it in time, thanks to Alex and the taxi driver.
I would love to know about your latest adventure. You can comment below, if you feel like sharing.
I will leave you for now, and chat to you about my Brussels and France adventure on my next post.

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