4 Girls in Amsterdam city

Hello lovelies,

I hope your are keeping well. It is a been a while since I wrote you something. There are thousands of excuses, but I will not get you bored with that.

On Tuesday I have been in Amsterdam for a couple of hours. Flight in really in the morning, and flight out in the evening. Amazing experience! It was my second time visiting this city, and while I was walking on the streets I was like: “Wait.. I have been here before! :))”. We walked in loads of shops, being that they were clothes shops, or just home-ware. We did not had any direction, just let the feet to direct us.

Before I go any further with my story, I need to tell you that, no, I have not been there by myself, but accompanied by 3 lovely girls: my sister, and two best friends. We stopped at the Begijnhof, as it was in our way. And just let me tell you, that I felt in love! If, I would be able to choose a place where I should live will be there. After that we spotted the Flower Market, from where I bought ornaments from my Christmas tree. My only regret is that I did not bought more, because they were really cheap. But well, next time I will not resume myself to only 6 ornaments:).

After the Flower Market we went to see the I Amsterdam sign. Loads of people there, like always… sad though that we did not had time to do some ice skating, and that the Christmas Market was not opened yet. We were rushing to eat something, as our bellies were singing. After 30 minutes of “I do not know!”, “Maybe there?!”, “It is too expensive!”, “I do not fancy this!”, we ended up at the Bulldog. Lovely place, food and service. We had the honor to have Adam as our waiter. If you read this, and go there, say “Hi” to him.:) I went for the Chicken in the Basket (if I remember correctly), which was the perfect choice. Of course that I needed desert as well, so I went for the waffle with ice cream and cream. Was good, but wasn’t fresh, so I do recommend to have it from a shop that does it in front of you.

We finished our meal, and we rushed to our museum. Last time when I went in Amsterdam, nobody wanted to go with me at Anne Frank House, so I promised myself that next time when I will be in the city I will book tickets for the museum. I did it online, as I read that otherwise you are risking to stay in a huge queue. It seems fair enough to book the ticket together with the introduction. After the introduction you are invited to visit the museum. It is a sad building, but full of history. I do not recommend it to those that are scared of small or crowded spaces. To be honest, I am not a fan of small spaces or crowded spaces, I just feel like I have no air and I just want to punch somebody for no reason, if that makes any sense. But I did manage to kind of finish the visit. I only skipped the last room, because I literally felt like I am gonna suffocate.

It was time for us to kind of end this trip and go back to take the train for the airport. We went back to the Bulldog souvenir shop, and looked for a cheese shop. Let me advise you that it is better if you buy the cheese directly from the airport. I spent €30.60 on 3 cheeses, and in the airport same 3 cheeses + another one was less than €30. We walked slowly towards the train station, and managed to get there without asking for any directions. So proud of us!!! By the time we got to the airport, we were so tired, that we just wanted to get into the plane and just sleep. Oh yes!! We found some sale in the alcohol section.. and yes, I did not buy 1, or 2 like any normal person, but 3 bottles of spirits. They are all kept safe for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. The entire way back to Dublin I was sleeping, as my eyes refused to stay opened anymore.

I can not wait for my next trip. I have one planned in April, for 2 weeks in Portugal and Spain.

Kisses from Maria :*

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  1. Roxana Maria says:

    🙂 Thank you papusca


  2. Lovely pics�� You're all so beautiful❤


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