Beach and park adventure

Hi lovely people!
How are you?! I have the most awesome boyfriend in the world. I think I am the luckiest girl in the world. Unfortunately the bus drivers in Dublin, Ireland, decided to do a strike on Thursday and Friday, therefore I had no option but to take a taxi to work. Well, I am coming home from work on Tuesday evening and I found a bike on the corridor. I am very proud of myself, as I am terrified of riding bikes on the street, but I was a brave girl and went to work with it. :))
Today I was home, looked out the window and saw that outside is sunny. I decided to go to North Bull Island (it’s a 13 km distance from my place). Asked my sister if she wants to join, and we started our adventure. I used to work in this area, and was such a nice feeling coming back in a short visit. Although this area is close to the city center, you feel like you are in a different city. Don’t worry, I took my camera, and took few pictures on the beach.:)
After the beach, I said why not lets adventure further. So we went to Phoenix Park (around 14 km). So happy that I did that, because while we were riding our bikes through the park, we met a few sweet rabbits and deer. I do have a small regret though, that I did not had any carrots or apples to feed them, because it would have just been the cherry from the top of the cake. Oh God! What an adventure! Please take care of you, smile and spread love until next time!
Kisses :*

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